Conca dei Marini

If the sound of the sea overpowers that of thoughts, you’re in the right place.

Perla nel blu is in Conca dei Marini, just few kilometers from Amalfi, in one of the most beautiful and characteristic corners of the whole Amalfi Coast.

The villa is at n. 10 of Via Lecina and can be reached by going down 72 large stone steps, comfortable and of undoubted health benefit, after leaving the car at the parking lot near the stairs.
Nearby, within 200 meters, you will find two restaurants, a market and the Post Office. Without getting away with the car you can walk, with an equally healthy stairway, to the typical seaside village (Borgo Marinaro) where, on a pebble beach, you can find boats for hire and other restaurants and beach service.

Alternatively you can get to the beautiful beach of Conca, on foot or by descending with the shuttle, then with only 50 steps. Here on comfortable platforms you can enjoy the sun of the sea and the typical restaurant.
Even the suggestive Grotta dello Smeraldo can be reached with a short walk. Walking and climbing is one of the aspects that you end up liking and wishing, so much so that a wide choice of paths that cross the ridges of the Lattari Mountains to the sea, attract sportsmen and not, from all over the world, even for the immense panorama that you enjoy, the fragrant air and the serenity to which you arrive.

Conca dei Marini enjoys an excellent position: both because it offers a splendid view of Amalfi, of Capri and its “basin”, but also because it gives you a quiet, unimaginable elsewhere, all the year including August.

It is therefore the ideal choice for those who want to rest, read, study, relax, contemplate etc. while enjoying the proximity to the most important centers of the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi is only 4 km away, while Praiano is at 7 and Positano at 15, where you can go for entertainment, parties, shopping and seeing people.

Miss Costiera

As a woman from which it is impossible not to be fascinated, Conca dei Marini is a little jewel in the great treasure of the Amalfi Coast. Falling in love with it is all too easy: those who have already learned to know every landing place and inlet in this sea of ​​blue “dense as molten metal”, immediately elected his “Coastal Miss”.

Between sudden leaps up to four hundred meters above sea level, it runs along the sea for about three kilometers: it is enough to catch the eye first and then the heart, to those who move between Amalfi and Praiano. Whitewashed houses, with domes, set along the S.Pancrazio hill and in the Sant’Antonio lemon groves.

A panoramic view of suggestive beauty, the seaside village perched on the bend of the sea is Conca dei Marini, a small seaside town that in the Seventies included among its most affectionate habitués Princess Margaret of England, the Moet Chandon and the Agnelli (FIAT) family.

Its name is the consequence of a cultural heritage that speaks of an ancient seafaring attitude. Adventurous stories of ships and sails, storms, shipwrecks and a lot of expertise.

Taken fromConca dei Marini – Official Website