The Pleasures of the Table

The cuisine of the Amalfi Coast is closely linked to the characteristics of its unique territory, which is enhanced precisely thanks to the great variety of products it can offer.

In the few kilometers that enclose it, in fact, the Amalfi Coast passes from the sea to the mountains with all the differences of scents and flavors that they offer, in a true triumph of Mediterranean cuisine.

Each of the coastal towns has then elaborated its recipes, transforming them and assembling them in an original way and of which its inhabitants are jealous custodians.

Surrounded by so much beauty, even the dishes of the gastronomic tradition of the Coast take up the challenge and offer beautiful and colorful. Enclose and give all the scents and flavors of this wonderful land.

Until a few decades ago vegetables and vegetables, of which the territory is rich, were at the base of the diet of its inhabitants. These simple and precious ingredients for our health have remained in the family recipe books so much that, in many dishes, they represent the perfect marriage between sea and mountains, in accordance with a tradition that we can trace back to the kitchens of such numerous convents.

Among the most popular recipes we recommend:

  • Pasta Fagioli e Cozze