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Fried Pizza

The fried pizzas are typical dish of the Neapolitan families but also one of the most famous street food in Naples.

Famous Sophia Loren in the Naples gold prepares and fry pizzas in a typical Neapolitan alley.


For pizzelle

  • 1 kg flour
    500 ml of water
    50 g brewer’s yeast (two cubes)
    q.b olive oil for frying
    40 gr salt

For the tomato sauce

  • 2 garlic cloves
    1 medium-sized onion (or two small ones)
    q.s. extra virgin olive oil
    2 oregano spoons
    750 g tomato pulp (or tomato paste)
    q.s. salt


Dissolve the yeast in a cup of water, waiting for a light foam to form on the surface indicating the start of fermentation.
Place the flour on a pastry board and add the yeast, salt and little by little cold water. Knead until all the liquids have absorbed. Continue to knead until a smooth, homogeneous and elastic dough is obtained.
At this point put the dough in a floured container, cover it with a kitchen towel and let it rise for about 2 hours in a warm, dry place free from drafts. The leavening will be complete when the dough has doubled its volume.

When the dough is complete, take the dough and make 40 balls of dough weighing about 40-50 grams each, then put them to rise again in a basket or on a tray inside which you put a floured cloth.

Cover the dough balls and let them rise until they have doubled their volume again.

After about an hour take the balls of dough and on a floured surface, crush them with your fingers and make a lot of small disks of dough with slightly raised edges. Now you can start frying the pizzelle. Heat plenty of oil in a large non-stick pan with high enough edges (the pizzelle must float).

When the oil has reached the optimal temperature, dip the pasta discs and let fry them for 2-3 minutes on both sides until they are perfectly browned.
Drain the pizzelle, drain it on a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper.

When they are still hot, add two tablespoons of tomato sauce and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Alternatively you can add the mozzarella cut into cubes or other cheeses of your choice.